Videopoker Rules and Tips

Playing tips
Compare the payout schedules on each machine and select the best casino in Ireland. Progressive machines offer the best value because they give you the opportunity to win a larger jackpot than flat top machines.

The overall return that a machine gives is usually expressed as a percentage. On some machines it is possible to get a return of over 100 per cent if they are played over a long term. Look for a machine that has already accumulated a large jackpot. In order to win the jackpot around 45 hours of fast play is required. This requires a bankroll of several thousand coins. If a large jackpot has already accumulated it will be possible to win it in a shorter time.
Always play the maximum possible stake as a smaller bet pays out lower odds. The maximum possible bet is usually five coins. A jackpot with five coins inserted pays on average 4000 coins. With only one coin inserted it pays around 250.

Learn the playing strategy for video poker. This differs from traditional five card draw because with video poker there is no bluffing involved. Strategies such as keeping a kicker to a pair are inappropriate for video poker.
Master jacks or better before graduating to other games. This is the simplest game to learn. Make sure the strategy you use is the correct one for the game you are playing. Games with wild cards like deuces and joker wild are more complex and require a different strategy from jacks or better.

Play slowly and carefully while you are learning.(Power poker play will eat into your funds very quickly,you should play with caution). Hands like straights are not always obvious, as the cards will rarely be displayed in the correct ascending or descending order. Don’t forget that in a straight an ace can be used as a high or a low card.

Videopoker tips
Do not hold a “kicker”(a high value card such as an ace)with a pair.Keep any pair of cards rather than hang onto a high card.Some players tend to keep a high card in favour of a pair of twos,going for three of a kind gives the player better odds.

Go for an “open ended straight” but avoid trying for the “inside straight”(especially without wild cards).In Video Poker, it’s easier to draw an outside straight (*-6-7-8-9-*) than an inside straight (6-7-*-9-10) because you can complete your hand by increasing the chances of getting a card on either side of it.

Do not discard any pair just to hold a high card.Never keep a kicker (a single high card [J,Q,K,A] that has the potential to turn into a winning pair) with any pair or three of a kind. Holding the kicker will reduce your return by 5%.
Keep a high pair instead of an “open straight”(4 card flush or 3 card royal flush).
Keep a low pair over a 4 card “open straight”.
Keep a 3 card royal flush over a low pair,a 4 card flush or a 4 card “open straight”.
Draw 5 new cards if your hand does not contain at least a high card.
If you are dealt a Jack and your hand allows it, hold onto the Jack. A common mistake is to hold onto a higher card but Jacks provide the most opportunities for getting more lucrative hands.

Basic strategy for jacks or better

The list below gives a simple strategy for jacks or better which is suitable for beginners.
Hold any hand of a straight or over in the ranking.
If four cards to a royal flush are held – draw one (including to a winning flush).
Four cards to a straight flush or a flush – draw one.
Three of a kind – draw two.
Two pair – draw one.
Pair – draw three.
Three card royal flush – draw two.
Four card straight – draw one.
Three card straight flush – draw two.
Two high cards J, Q, K, A – draw three.
Three high cards (Jack and over) – hold two of the same suit. If different suits, hold the two lowest high cards.
Four card straight – draw one.
High card – draw four.
Nothing – draw five.